From the Dodecanese…..

I’ve failed rather miserably to do any blogging since we arrived back in Greece a month ago so here’s a quick catch up.

We got back to Leros on 11 May and were back in the water the next day before any paperwork was done, normally a no-no. There’s a new tax to pay this year, the TEPAI, which is a well kept secret to cruisers and Customs alike, so normal service is a bit ad hoc. Luckily the Customs at Leros seem to be having a stab at it so we were paid and on our way in only a few days.

First octopus of the season.

We moved onto Kalymnos, famous for sponge diving and climbing. An overnight stop turned into 6 days as we both had coughs and colds and didn’t feel like doing much. Andy then got toothache which resulted in him having his tooth out at the grand cost of €30. Were planning to come back here for all our dental work from on!

View from our cockpit on Kalymnos.

We wanted to visit the volcano on Nísyros last year and didn’t get time so our next stop was Paloi, 2 miles East of Mandraki. It hasn’t erupted since 1873 but still bubbles and steams and smells of rotten eggs. You can walk down to the crater floor where the surfaces is hto enough to melt the soles of your shoes!

We ended up staying here another week with heat exchanger problems. Luckily our friend Haris in Athens found us a second hand one (new €2000! second hand €700!) and sent it by ferry.

This was our last Dodecanese islands. Now off to the Cyclades…….


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