It’s only bread part 2

I’ve been wanting to make a sourdough loaf from scratch for a while but never had the time until this week. And I may never have time again! It took me 9 days!

Day 1-7

Mix flour and water to make the sourdough starter and leave uncovered to start growing bugs. Then feed every day with more flour and water.



Day 8 Mix some of the yeast culture with flour and water which makes the leaven then add to flour and leave for 4 hours.

Fold every 30 minutes for 2 and a half hours then leave for an hour. Make into two rough rounds then leave for an hour. Then knead gently into better rounds and place in proofing baskets or bowls. Leave for 3-4 hours or overnight. It was 8.30 pm by now so I left overnight!

Day 9. BAKE!

Cost $10 for flour, 3 hours of oven, 2 hours of work plus sweating profusely having the oven on on in a 31C day in Queensland!



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