On-board Shopping

I know I should be writing about the antiquities of Turkey, the people, the scenery, the sights and sounds, the pleasure of discovering different new cultures. But this is about …. shopping!

Those of you in Indonesia or the Caribbean will be used to hearing a tap on the outside of the boat in the morning from a variety of vendors but it’s not something that happens in the Med. That is until we got to 12 Island Bay between Göcek and Fethiye. And what a delight it’s been!


Beautiful bread, still hot and crusty, made by Mamma and delivered by these guys every morning.




One of two small supermarket boats that appear every day in all the bays and will raft up beside you if you give them a wave. They pretty much have everything you need (except alcohol) including caviar, should you have run out!


A very welcome sight several times a day – the ice cream man! He also has bags of ice for those important sundowners!

The absolute best shopping experience, though, had to be on the big Migros supermarket boat! It’s too big to get into the smaller bays but hovers outside and sends a small RIB in if you give them a whistle or phone the mobile number written on the side.

It was a busy this evening with all the tenders hanging off the back. The entire crew and passengers of a superyacht were on here including the chef in full dress whites!


We couldn’t believe it! A full size, fully equipped supermarket with trolleys, ATM machine and, most unusually, a smiling check-out assistant!

I think the staff took a bit of a shine to us as we were given the full tour including meeting the Captain, though I’m not sure he appreciated Jen wearing his hat.

Behind the sign. Not a bad workplace view.

The boys seem to think we were tremendously funny, something about ‘crazy ladieees’, but helped us into the dinghy and loaded up our shopping.

My favourite was Autan. Between ourselves, I think he fancied me.   Look at that special smile just for me! I wonder if they need any shelf stackers?


One comment

  1. Great story Miss Jane and wow how things change!!
    We were there in 2003 and 4 and 5…. would never have dreamed of such luxeries….


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