Kekova Roads

Around an 8 hour sail south from Fethiye is Kekova Roads. Kekova Adasi is an four mile long island just off the mainland with lots of protected anchorages and a few ramshackle tavernas. It is the site of the ruins of the Sunken City, probably ancient Simena and a Byzantine medieval fortress perched on top of the rocky hill overlooking the bay.

We stayed at Ucagiz and took a trip boat along the shore of Kekova Adasi to look at the sunken city also known as Batik Sehir. You can see the foundations and ruins of the city including archways and steps leading down to the water and cisterns where fresh water was stored.

Ucagiz town which is now incredibly busy with scores of gulets taking visitors to see the nearby ruins and fortress but by the evening, most of,the have gone and the village is much quieter. We ended up spending every evening at Hassan’s taverna sampling his fish and meze. Highly recommended.

The foundations of the Sunken City.

Opposite the ruins is the castle overlooking Uçagiz Limani.

Lycian tombs dot the hillside. The big ones are for the head man who was buried with all his riches. The small ones for the peasants.

The hillside is littered with sarcophagi and Lycian tombs, bits of 2000-4000 year old buildings and sculptures scattered all over the place. Not a barrier in sight!

View of Kekova Roads from the fortress



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