We have now left the Sporades and are in the Dodecanese at Patmos. It’s still quite a small island but it’s pretty busy as pilgrims and tourists come to see the Monastery of St John The Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse. It is the spiritual centre of the Greek Orthodox Church and also a World Heritage Centre.

Back in AD 95 John the Evangelist came to Patmos to spread The word of Christ (possibly). He lived in a cave and, while he was there, he was visited by God and instructed to write the Book of Revelations. This describes the end of the world, God’s battle with Satan and the eventual restoration of peace.

Building of The Monastery of St. John The Theologian started in 1088 but it had to be fortified to prevent attack from pirates. It now houses priceless icons and manuscripts although many of them are now in England (probably with the Elgin Marbles).

The Monastery of the Apocalypse built around the cave where John received the Revelations of God.

Photography is not allowed inside the chapel so I pinched this from an unnamed source! On the right is the fissure where God spoke to John and the silver plate marks the rock he used as a pillow. It was actually extremely quiet and felt quite spiritual until a Japanese lady ‘s phone rang. Services are held there during the day and you can join them or come and go as you please.


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