We have now sailed the 46 miles from Alonnisos to Skyros, the last of the four inhabited islands of the Northern Sporades. It was a great trip and the first this year where we actually sailed the whole way. The islands are in the National Marine Park that was started in 1992 primarily to to protect the endangered Mediterranean Monk Seal and I’d hoped to see one on the way but it wasn’t to be.

We arrived in Linaria, the ferry port on the south of Skyros, and were met by Sakis and Kyriakis who helped us into a berth, arranged water and electricity, free wifi, showed us where everything was and gave us a map and lots of info about the island. We couldn’t believe we were still in Greece! As well as all that, it has a few quirky offerings including a fanfare for the evening ferry and a nightly hour long disco in the shower with flashing lights, disco music and, I kid you not, a bubble machine!

We hired a bike and took off round the island. The northern part is very green and tree-covered with lovely beaches. It was great travelling on a bike because you could smell the pine from the pine trees and all the perfume from the oleander and herbs growing on the roadside. The southern part is more arid and craggy. A fortress is perched on top of the island in the chora with all the houses spilling down the side.

We’ve had some engine issues and are waiting for a re-built alternator to appear on the ferry from Kymi. I don’t mind how long it takes. This is a delightful place and I’m quite happy to be stuck here for a while.

Skyros Town

Steep cobblestone lanes up to the fortress.

View of Linaria Port



  1. We are so happy for you both! Next year we hope to travel to Greece, so reading and looking avidly at your blog. We are not sailing people but as long as the ferry crossing is fairly short we may survive.


  2. Great blog as usual, Jane! I like reading about places we’ve been, to see what other people think. We liked Skyros very much. We hired a car and drove round the island. Did you see the Skyros ponies on the big farm? I hope you boat part doesn’t arrive too quickly!


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