The Winner Takes It All!

img_2454No visit to Skopelos is allowed without going to see the Agios Ioannis Kastri, otherwise known as the Mamma Mia church near Glossa. It’s an amazing place to build a church tucked on top of the rock with fantastic views of Alonnisos, the next island. I had to run up the 202 steps with my shawl billowing out behind me of course. Unfortunately it’s not the same church, and they added a dome roof in the film, and the last flight of steps is really steep and there are no fairy lights and there’s a concrete car park and a stall selling beeswax soap and a cafe with a rather dour man serving in it. But otherwise it’s just the same!

Now that you’ve read this, you too will be singing the song for the next three days! You’re welcome! I don’t wanna talk……….




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