Donations please!

I was reading a blog about Greece this morning. The rather gorgeous young girl writing it – let’s call her Tiffany – was extolling the delights of the beaches, the night life, the food and the scenery with stunning photos of herself in a tiny bikini on the beach, drinking cocktails in a bar and eating in quaint tavernas. It all looked fabulous. At the end of it she wrote “If you’ve enjoyed reading this and want to see more, please donate below”.

PLEASE DONATE BELOW???! Is she serious? Asking people to fund her extended holiday? Why would anyone do that? However, they obviously do as she has a huge following. I can hear them saying ‘oh look at Tiffany this week! Isn’t she great telling us all about what a fantastic time she’s having in (insert country here). Let’s send her some money’.

So, if she can do it, I should give it a go.

Here’s a picture of our view from the cockpit this morning.

The tall chimneys of Porto Power Station at Karavos in Evia.

It’s a bit chilly so we’re rugged up and starting the day with a bowl of porridge. It has got Greek yoghurt on it so authentic.

I asked Andy to get his kit off for the sake of my followers, but he declined. Maybe when it warms up a bit. If you want to see photos of that, please send a donation……. actually, if you don’t want to see photos of that, send a larger donation! Preferably in euros. You can message me for bank details.

Epharisto poli.



  1. The cheque’s in the post, Andy! Hahaha! What is that Tiffany like? What a cheek! Would be interesting to see if she gets any donations. We’ve sailed to Karavos. Mega thunder and lightning and rainstorm as we approached. I remember walking to Lidl, about a mile away. We spent a lot of time in the Evia channel, and kept Fandancer in Oreoi boatyard for two winters. Enjoy your trip!


  2. Send me your bank details .. I’ll pay just to ensure the world isn’t subjected to photos of Andy in the buff.
    Love and giggles Chez


  3. Kids today eh!
    Think the rest of us should support their adventures (just jealous really)
    Ask Andy to keep his kit on
    Love to you both


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