I’m not sorry to have reached the end of this challenge but  it was definitely good practice at trying to write every day. I have no idea how professional columnists manage to think of a topic and then write something  new and interesting day in, day out.  Don’t even look for Q, U and Y. I was going to do them retrospectively but life’s too short. I’ll make up for it next year!

It’s been a fantastic but busy month. We’ve travelled over 16000 miles, 750miles back to Brisbane from Sydney, 13000 miles to the UK via Hong Kong and Rome,  about 900 miles in the UK and then 1400 miles down to Greece. We’ve visited lots of friends and eaten and drunk far too much. We’ve slept in about 10 different beds not counting our campervan.

On our first night back on the boat I slept for nine hours. Haven’t done that for months! I’m thinking that, when we get home, we should move out of our big bedroom with en suite and make a v-berth in the walk-in robe which we have to climb up into.  I’ll obviously go on in the inside so that I have to climb over Andy in the night, kneeing him in the face. Not sure how I’ll get it gently rocking but I can work on that.

Meanwhile thank you for reading, if you have been, and hopefully next year’s a-z challenge will be better. Topic might be ‘Beds We have Slept in 2018’. With photos of course and scores out of ten.



    • Along the lines of 1. Today we had a gin and tonic 2. Today we had two gin and tonics……… I’m liking your idea!


    • Thanks Donna. Yes, we’re a bit ahead of you here in Europe. I did miss out on a few though! Now I’ve got a bit of time I’m goi g to read a few of the others. What an amazing array of topics there was! Who knew?!


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