Hong Kong

We have finally come to the tenuous K for Kong. I realise it’s not strictly within the terms of the a-z challenge but it’s the best I can do. We love Hong Kong and occasionally have a stop over here to visit friends. We know it’s a fascinating, vibrant place with lots to see but today it’s not our favourite place,

Our flight was delayed from 0045 this morning to 0800 hours due to mechanical problems. When we got to the airport we found out that, instead of having one and a half hours on the ground in HK before flying direct to London, we now have 10 hours to wait and then a flight to Rome followed by a 3 hour wait before flying to London. We will arrive in London 20 hours later than we thought.

The joy of travel. They did give us a pass to the Business Lounge though so we are making the most of it. Andy, more champagne!


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