We’re in Nelson Bay about 200 kms north of Sydney now to attend the Gathering on the Bay, a women’s sailing seminar ( more of that tomorrow under G!)

One of the people coming is Cheryl who we met with her husband Bruce on a beach in the Marquesas in 2009, where all the yachties had gathered for sundowners. I liked her immediately. She’s a nurse like me, down to earth and very funny and I thought at the time that I’d like her to be my friend. Do you remember when you were a kid in the playground? If you met someone you liked you just asked them to play with you and off you went! Once you’re an adult you’re somehow not allowed to do that. But in this cruising world you meet people doing the same trip as you, exchange notes, spend a bit of time together, get to know people really quickly then head off possibly to meet again down the track. I didn’t meet Cheryl again for the next 9 years but, the minute we met again, we took up from where we left off.

I never imagined before I started sailing,but more especially cruising, that I would meet such amazing people who would become such good friends and, luckily, they still want to play with me!


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