A-Z Challenge

Today is the first day of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge 2018 where I’m going to try and write something beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Harder than it sounds! I’ve thought of topics for about 6 of them but, after that, I’ve a feeling it might get a bit tenuous!

It’s also April 1st and, as usual, Andy and I try to be the first one to say ‘Pinch, Punch, first of the month! No returns!’ He won last month by hiding behind the door so, in the night, I got in early and pinched him during one of our nocturnal bathroom visits! He was cross! He’ll be plotting how to get me back in May already.

April Fools’ Day is also the anniversary of passing my driving test. Somehow it was 47 years ago today. When we got back from the test and the examiner said I’d passed, I asked him if it was an April Fool?  He was an ex-Army officer and  I remember he didn’t smile. Just passed me the slip with a look that said he wished he still had the power to have me put on report.  Or possibly court-martialled!



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