Happy Birthday to us

Four years ago today we were anchored off Gouvia Marina waiting for a decent weather window to go to Croatia and meet my niece.   We had tried twice but turned back because it was so unpleasant but still hoped  to get there before she left.  We never got there and she had to spend the week in a hostel with her friends.  I think they had a cracking time but I felt terrible! I spent our birthday sulking!

This year we have spent nearly nine week waiting for the Greeks and the Australians to sort out our paperwork.   Friends, who had come to join us on the trip to Croatia, have come and gone.  Luckily both sets are the sort who can make the best of things and were happy with the little bit of sailing in Greece we could do, but I had really wanted to share that trip with them.

However, I am not going to sulk this time! I am going to look on the bright side.  We img_4052-1now have our Australian Registration Certificate and the promise of our Greek paperwork on Wednesday. We will then go to Croatia ….. if the weather’s good!!

Thank you all for your birthday wishes to both of us. We will have a very Happy Birthday!



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