Olive’s First Guests

Visitors are like fish, they say. After three days they go off!  However sometimes you are lucky enough to have the perfect guests like Del and Gary.  We met them originally when they were sailing their Bavaria 49 back from Croatia to Australia in 2009 and kept in touch.  In 2014 they bought a Lagoon 410 catamaran in Athens and we had planned to sail back to Australia in ours at the same time.  Unfortunately we only got as far as Mallorca but they carried on to complete the trip in November 2015 while we watched on enviously.

They are so used to Greek burocracy that, when we couldn’t pick them up in Corfu, they just changed their plans and got a train and a ferry down to Igoumenitsa to meet us.  We’ve had a lovely couple of weeks pottering around Meganissi  doing a bit of eating, a bit of drinking (OK, a lot of drinking), a bit of reading and generally enjoying ourselves.  We thought it might be a bit cramped as we’ve all been used to catamarans but soon adapted even if we had to have a rota to use the loo!




Our first sail on Olive. Possibly managed 3.5 knots!








In Little Vathi for some wi-fi to watch the State of Origin.  As you can see from Gary’s face, the Maroons did not do terribly well.


View from Spartakhori



If you’ve got Gary on your boat, it would be a shame not to use him!







Another Aussie friend of all of ours, John from Catalyst, joining us for a gyros at George’s in Nidri.



Dimitri, a friend of Del and Gary’s from Lavrion, is now working in Lefkas and joined us at Georges for an Oozo-filled celebration. He brought us spinach, cucumber and tomatoes from his garden, none of which helped my unbelievably awful hangover the next day.


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