IMG_1168Until we have our boat registered we can’t go to the Port Police for our transit log.   We’ve heard that this year the authorities are been a bit more aggressive in wanting proof of sailing ability and, despite having sailed about 20,000 miles, we have no qualifications (unless you count my RYA 2nd level dinghy sailing, Competent Crew and Day Skipper Theory and Andy’s NSW Boat Licence!)  We decided to do the ICC (International Certificate of Competence) that is supplied by the RYA.   Hannah on Whuati also wanted to do hers so we ended up doing it on her and Jay’s boat, a large Jeanneau 45.2.  I have managed to avoid most of the parking/steering/manoeuvring on our boats so far so was a bit apprehensive (read scared s***less) about doing it.  Their boat is so big and, I know now, has huge prop wash meaning that when you back it,  it has a mind of its own.  This took a bit of getting used to and lots of vocal advice but, after a bit of practice, we all got the hang of it.  With a bit of revision on chart work, Collision Regs and safety at sea   I’m pleased to announce we all passed!

Back on our own boat, we have found that Olive is very easy to handle and I’m really looking forward to taking over the helm a bit more. Although we know we should be able to do everything on the boat, we seem to have settled into that pattern where we do our own jobs. From now on I’m going to step out of my comfort zone!

Except for unblocking the toilet tank of course. That will always be Andy’s job!


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  1. Great work Jane. The ICC is a nice thing to have sitting in your nav station in case you’re asked for it. In our two seasons in the Med I only needed mine once. But I’m glad I had it to show the Italian Coastguard when they wanted to see my “I giornali di captan” .


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