S/V Olive – Branching Out!

When we first got our catamaran Matilda, she was called Manolo after the previous owner’s son. We spent a long time trying to think of something original to call her.  Unfortunately all the good names were taken.  We had thought we would call her Two Up. There was two of us, she was a catamaran and the game Two Up is a traditional game played here on Australia Day. Brilliant,  we thought, until we were at the boat show in Sydney one day and watched a catamaran called Two Up sail by!  We finally called her Matilda after our granddaughter and to commemorate our recently acquired citizenship of Australia.

When we sold Matilda and bought a little Dufour 32 in the Med, we came up with the idea of Banjo after Banjo Paterson, the author of Waltzing Matilda.  It also meant we could keep the blog title of  Waltzing Round the Med!

We have now bought another boat in Greece, a little bit bigger. Her name is Olive and she is a Bavaria 36.  We briefly thought of changing her name but we’ve slowly become used to it and now think it perfectly summarises our last three summers sailing in the Mediterranean.  We’ve certainly eaten enough of them and anchored in many a bay surrounded by olive trees.

So Olive it is. But what can I call the blog?!



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