Coming Out

Our last few days in Greece were spent cleaning the boat up in between the rain showers. The night before we were due to come out we spent in Preveza Marina. It only cost 10 euros for us for the night as they had started building it  but had ground to a stop due to financial problems so it’s a bit basic.  However, some money must have been found as the builder’s are back and there is lots of activity going on.  They expect it to be finished for next summer so I expect it will be too expensive for us next year.

We thought we’d have a lovely comfortable night tied up to land but we were awoken at 2 am by a huge thunderclap which sounded like it was right on top of us and then had a night of torrential rain and thunder and lightning. Luckily it had stopped by the morning and we were able to motor across to Aktio boatyard to be taken out. We got over there by 9 am so were first off the block.




Andy walking his baby back home.





Perfect reversing into our winter spot.




At least we know Banjo will have the highest tech security this winter!

We wandered along to the local taverna in the evening for our last Greek salad and moussaka watching a beautiful sunset and pretty much agreed that it had been rather a fine summer.



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