With just over three weeks left before we come out for the winter, we decided to explore the Inland Sea, the area of water South of Corfu enclosed by Lefkas, Cephalonia and Zakinthos.  This is a fantastic are with lots of busy tourist places and isolated bays where you can be on your own.  After all those thunderstorms the weather has now settled down to beautiful sunny days where it’s still warm enough to swim off the back of the boat but chillier evenings. We now have a light quilt on the bed and I’ve got my Ugg boots and hoodie  out to sit in the cockpit for sundowners!


First on the list was Palairos on the mainland coast of Greece. We wanted to go earlier in the season mainly because we had heard that there was a taverna there that did curry but it was incredibly busy so we saved it for now. We moored easily on the town quay and spent three fabulous days there . The village was predominantly  agricultural  until one of the charter boat companies opened up there but it still feels very Greek.  It is surrounded by mountains and we were treated to a fantastic sunrise and sunset every day.  Sadly the mayor of the town died unexpectedly while we were there and the bell tolled every hour in his memory and  villagers came all day to visit the little church to light a candle for him.




A selection of sunsets.




The water is so clear here and I was able to just hop over the wall into my own personal swimming pool.




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