Lefkas Canal

We were back and forth through the Lefkas Canal half a dozen times in 2013/14 so it was interesting to see how it’s changed. Normally there is a floating bridge at the north end which opens on the hour every hour allowing the yachts to go through. This, however, was  away for servicing on our first trip through this year  so the ingenious Greeks put an open-ended ferry in its place where the cars drive on the front and exit off the back. Every hour the ferry slickly moves out of the way to let the yachts through. 

When we came back through this week the bridge is back.

It was also great to see how small the  rubbish tip is now along the side of the canal. Before it stretched pretty much the whole way  but now it has been dug in and only one end seems to still be being used or perhaps being filled in completely. Rubbish is a huge issue on these islands. The amount of plastic we use in the boat is enormous compared to home. It’s recommended that you drink bottled water here which is only available in plastic so for two of us that would be a minimum of 28  one and a half litre bottles a week, all of which has to go to landfill. I religiously separate all my waste but it all goes in the same skip. 


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