Vans and Planes and Boats

This week we started the first phase of our journey to Corfu in Greece to pick up our new-to-us, previously unseen Dufour 32!  Our return plane tickets are from Sydney so we managed to get a camper van relocation down from Brisbane.  I was ridiculously excited at the prospect of a four day trip down stopping in various places on the way but the reality did not quite match up to the fantasy.  The campervan was a bit on the shabby side and, although it was a 4-berth, the bed was still so high we had to bunk each other  up onto it!  Not a pretty sight!  I had also failed to consider how cold it was at night.  I am such a Queenslander now!

On the plus side we did have a lovely overnight stay with friends, Kim and Steve, in Port Macquarie who fed us, gave us fabulous home-made Amber Ale and a warm comfortable bed for the night.

Our last night was spent in Wangi Wangi on Lake Macquarie (thank you, Shelley, for the recommendation) which was beautiful.  An incredible sunset but followed by a wet, cold morning. We will definitely go back there in the summer.

We are now ensconced in The Resort at Max and Christine’s in Sydney for a week catching up with friends. Vivid Sydney is on so lots of photos to follow.



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