You can’t do that!

When we first announced back in 2009 that we were going to buy a boat in the Caribbean and sail it back to Australia, you’d have thought we’d said we’re going to cut off our arms and swim the English Channel.  People were horrified.  “What about the winds? What about the waves?” “Have your really thought this through?” ” What do you know about sailing?”  One friend (former friend) intimated that Andy had brainwashed me and could he really be trusted?   What I really wanted them to say was “Bloody hell. Brilliant! Go for it” or even ‘Well it wouldn’t be for me but goodonya!)

I was reminded of this today reading a thread on the Women Who Sail Facebook page. The questions were

  1. What are you doing today?
  2. What will be you be doing next year?
  3. What will you be doing in 3 years time?

The answers appeared very quickly and soon there were dozens. “Getting the boat ready to sail to Indonesia” “Learning as much as I can so that I can sail single handed next year”.  ” Retiring and sailing the East coast of Australia”  “Sitting In Sumatera waiting for the trades towards Mauritius.” “Packing up our home in order to live aboard full time” “Taking the kids out of school and heading off”. “Studying for my RYA Day Skipper”.  I could go on.

It was fantastic to read and, as usual with this group, made me want to do it all as well!

So my three answers?

  1. Sorting out what stuff to we want to send off to our boat in Greece so it will be there when we arrive in June
  2. Sailing the Mediterranean with like-minded people that inspire us.
  3. Avoiding people who tell us what we can’t do rather than what we might be able to with a bit of help and encouragement.

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