Mal de Mare

The English language is funny isn’t it? When you’re missing home and can’t wait to go back, you’re home-sick.  When you’re on a boat that’s lurching around and making you feel like death warmed-up, you’re sea-sick.  But today I’m feeling very sea-sick.  I’m missing our lovely catamaran and the beautiful cockpit where we can while away the hours watching everything going on around us or fill up with fellow cruisers, drinking beer and comparing notes. I’m missing waking up to another lovely view and jumping off the back into crystal green water.

1-SealMatilda is now in the Galapagos and Andy B has posted this photo of a local visitor sunbathing on the steps.  No matter what you do they still manage to find their way on and, shall we say, leave their mark!

They will be leaving for the Marquesas any time.  We are expecting them to take anything up to 27 days like we did when we did the same crossing in 2009 but we have heard from Del and Gary on their Lagoon, Panormitis, that they have just arrived there having taken just 18 days!

This is a photo of our last boat, Drimia in the Galapagos in 2009.  We used the photo to sell the boat when we got to Australia! Living the Dream!



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